We made it through the weekend and there were hundreds of volunteers that gave up their time to help the community with filling sand bags, or driving loads of sand bags, or numerous other various tasks that are being handled right now. Unfortunately the need for volunteers is not going down yet and people are having to get back to work.

First, if you want to stay in the know as far as the flood efforts and what you can do to help, make sure you join the Missoula Flood Support facebook page. There is always new information being posted, with lots of efforts being made to pinpoint the most dire needs.

We all have bills to pay and need to do whatever we can to provide for our families. Although if you think your boss would be up for having all of your co-workers take a day to help fill sand bags and support the flood efforts, I know that there is volunteer work to be done. And the community would sure appreciate all the help!

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