Yay, it's the best season of the year! I'm not religious but I love any time of year that promotes kindness and cookies. Judging by the few times I've been out in the last week, everyone has the holiday spirit, I'm seeing Christmas trees in windows already, and lots of homes decorated in lights. OH, that reminds me, don't forget to enter your photos in our Light Up Montana contest for a chance to win $500 from Republic Services!

As for gift giving, you can find local crafts at Imagine Nation Brewing every weekend until Christmas! This Friday, December 4th from 2 to 7 p.m. and Saturday, December 5th from 1 to 6 p.m. will be particularly awesome because of the incredible vendors. The sale is hosted by Salt & Fox, which makes eco-friendly jewelry and bath products. I'm hearing they have their tea back in stock, too! At this weekend's sale you can find earrings, essential oil blend rollers, cat toys, and more from Salt & Fox. Other vendors will include, Vorteque Machine Shop, Zena, Sun Dog Montana, and Bruce Kitts Ceramics. Naturally, COVID-19 precautions will be in place, please wear your mask and they promise to sanitize.

Vorteque Machine Shop will be on hand with their awesome Cu-Tie Keys. The antimicrobial copper keys can be used to avoid touching surfaces and to open doors, press elevator buttons, and complete transactions on touch screens. They are a perfect stocking stuffer, especially since it comes with a 2020 commemorative coin!

Sun Dog Montana is a local artist who celebrates natural and fantasy creatures through colorful and dynamic fine art.
Bruce Kitts makes atmospheric fired and functional pottery. Often fired in a wood kiln for up to 8 days, his work aims to create a surface that reflects a fascinating journey of process and material chemistry. Through texture and form, the work is both ergonomic and tactile.

It IS Imagine Nation Brewing, so you can stock up on beer, too. Their latest creation is a Double Fruited Smoothie Sour that "uses twice the amount of fruit we’ve ever put in a beer."

Vorteque Cu-Tie Key & Coin
Vorteque Cu-Tie Key & Coin

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