Ever since we announced that Cash & Carry would be taking over the former Staples location on Brooks Street in Missoula we heard people asking, what about the trampoline facility that was going in?

I reached out to the co-founder and owner of Flying Squirrels to find out if there will be a Missoula location coming soon. Cody said, "Definitely, we are still opening in Missoula. Since we switched places with URM who is now in the Staples side we could take the bigger Hastings space but it's taking longer than expected."

Photo courtesy of facebook.com/pg/FlyingSquirrelMissoula
Photo courtesy of facebook.com/pg/FlyingSquirrelMissoula

I wish I had a date to pass along as to when they are opening their doors but straight from the owners mouth, we will be getting a Flying Squirrel trampoline facility in Missoula. We will let you know just as soon as an opening date is released.


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