Over the weekend, we shared a local mother's story about her daughter who was bitten 8-10 times by a toddler at Busy Hands on Friday night. On Sunday afternoon, Tracy Blinov posted this photo of her 7-month-old and an update on her condition.

She's in much better spirits today. I'm happy to say the bruising and swelling is coming down a little, it's amazing how resilient babies are. So blown away by the support from everybody.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Blinov
Photo courtesy of Tracy Blinov

We're very excited to see a smile on this beautiful baby's face and hear that she's feeling better. Baby Eliana's family has received an outpouring of support from our community and beyond, and one Missoula resident has even started a petition calling for the closure of Busy Hands.

Missoula's KPAX TV spoke with the owner of Busy Hands and offered the following statement:

The owner of Busy Hands told MTN News that they will be changing their ratios after what happened and added hat she feels horrible about the incident and is working with her employees to make sure it never happens again.

An investigation by the Department of Child and Family Services and the Missoula Police Department is ongoing, although no charges have been filed as of Monday (April 3) afternoon.

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