Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies pulled an unidentified body from the Clark Fork River on Thursday afternoon.

Current Task Force Commander for the Drug Task Force Unit and former head of Search and Rescue Jeremiah Peterson said the body was discovered near the bank of the Clark Fork.

“An individual who was floating the Clark Fork River on Thursday afternoon at about 2:00 p.m. reported what he had thought was a body that was partially submerged in the water on the bank just west of the Reserve Street Bridge,” said Peterson. “Missoula County Sheriff’s Office personnel along with personnel from Missoula Rural Fire responded and confirmed that it indeed was a body and they were able to recover the body yesterday afternoon.”

Peterson said the body was so badly decomposed that they were unable to determine if it was male or female.

“The body was taken to the Montana State Crime lab in Missoula where the medical examiner is trying to assist in determining who that person is, and they are working closely with detectives with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office to come up with an identification.”

River levels have dropped over the past few weeks after the flooding that occurred earlier in the spring.

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