A three-hour event in the University Center ballroom will commemorate International Women's Day this Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Adviser for the Student Involvement Network, Hailey Michaelson, said the suggested $10 donation to enter the event will benefit the Missoula YWCA.

"The theme this year will be 'Be Bold For Change'," Michaelson said. "We'll have a big dinner starting at 6:30 after opening remarks by Interim President Sheila Stearns and members of the YWCA. We have a poll on our Facebook page with about 15 topics that we're asking people to vote on to pare it down to five topics. Some of the topics include 'misrepresentation of women in media, women's access to health care, women in poverty and many others."

Michaelson said the event is for anyone who identifies with women or is an ally for women's issues.

"We just really want it to be an event for people to come together to figure out some action items to take away that people can use in their everyday lives," she said. "We want to have some action items so people don't think we just came together and complained about how unfair the world is, but what we can do about it."

In addition to the topics discussed, Michaelson said there will be fun activities for all who attend, including a photo booth, essential oils, a community painting project and take-home herb gardens.

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