On Friday, October 2nd, the University of Montana reported another week of increased numbers for positive cases of COVID-19. As of Friday, the U of M reported 75 active cases, approximately 25% of Missoula's total active case load. With that said, the Student Success team wants to remind students to make certain they can be contacted in case of exposure.

The Missoula City County Health Department will call you if you have been identified as a close contact of someone who has tested positive and the call will come from a "406" number. I know we are all trying to avoid political calls right now, unfortunately, we do have to answer unknown MT numbers in case it's the Health Department. If you do miss a call or don't answer, the Health Department will leave a short voice mail asking you to call them. But if your voice mail isn't set up or is full, they won't have any way to contact you. So a couple of things to keep in mind there.

The other reminder that the U of M is always pushing is the "3 Ws" - Wear your mask, Watch your distance, and Wash your hands.

If you're still searching for hand sanitizers that don't smell and feel like pure alcohol, my personal faves found in Missoula are at the Home Depot, which kind of sucks because I like to support local businesses and I've noticed that this store doesn't really enforce masks on customers. But these two items are right at the entrance and self check out, so you don't have to be in there long to get 'em. The hand wipes are in a white package and they are called "Safe & Soft," the hand sanitizer spray is in a small orange bottle and kind of has a watermelon scent, you can see them both above, and they are less than 3 bucks. Hand wipes are my life, especially in the car. Be well!

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