Nearly every event was canceled in 2020 so we should be used to hearing it, but honestly, cancelations in 2021 are just depressing, ugh. Last year, we were only about a month into the official declaration of a global pandemic when the annual U of M Kyiyo Pow Wow would have taken place. Naturally it was canceled, and we had hope to attend this year. That's not going to happen. But the positive news is, the Native American Student Association are already working on next year's Kyiyo, planned for April 15th and 16th of 2022.

The annual Kyiyo Pow Wow Celebration is a beloved tradition of Montana Tribal Nations that unifies all Native Americans from across the nation in an event full of dancing, singing, and sharing of stories between all in attendance. According to the NASA, "the celebration is a time to preserve the rich heritage of Native Americans and renew the thoughts of the old traditions. The diversity of each tribe represented at our Pow Wow is shown within the dancing styles and traditional dress of the dancers. Although from a wide array of backgrounds, each dancer comes together to celebrate to celebrate what their culture truly represents. Each year, our Pow Wow continues to grow which shows the power of our people and leaves the message that our culture will never die out."

"Kyiyo" translates to "bear" in the traditional Blackfoot language and tribes from across the nation flock to Missoula each year for traditional dancing & drumming, along with food & art vendors. When we finally get to have a Pow Wow, keep in mind that the event is open to the public. Thanks to the NASA for giving us hope for next year!

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