Two Missoula men are in the Missoula County Jail charged with felony assault, one with a hammer and the other with his bare hands by strangling his girlfriend.

Deputy Missoula County Attorney Brian Lowney began with 24 year-old Spencer Gardner, who has been charged with felony assault with a weapon.

“Spencer Gardner is charged with felony assault with a weapon based on the fact that he engaged his victim with a hammer,” Lowney said. “Per the report, he threatened to hurt her with a hammer while they were driving in a vehicle together. We are asking bail of $50,000.”

According to court documents, Spencer violated an order of protection and threatened to kill her dogs before forcing her to drive him to the Bonner Town Pump.

photo from MCSO
Thomas Monaghan

35 year-old Thomas Monaghan was charged with felony aggravated assault.

“From the reports we received, Mr. Monaghan physically assaulted his roommate by strangling her,” Lowney said. “She reported that she felt dizzy and light-headed and that she feared for her life while he was doing so. That’s the basis for the felony aggravated assault charge. We’re asking for bail to be set at $20,000.”

Judge Marie Anderson set bail at $$50,000 for Spencer, and $10,000 for Monaghan,

Both men are in the Missoula County Jail.

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