Punk icon Johnny Rotten was once the king of drawing a reaction, and it appears as though little has changed as Twitter is currently in a tizzy over Rotten being photographed taking a smoke while wearing a red "Make America Great Again" T-shirt.

The initial tweet with Rotten, aka John Lydon, wearing the pro-Trump T-shirt was posted with the author stating, "10 year old me is absolutely gutted that this is what his hero turned into. John Lydon, about as punk as a game of gold. Big f***ing poser." That tweet was reportedly liked more that 18,000 times, but is since no longer available.

However, the photo circulated rather quickly and has been picked up by many Twitter followers expressing their own opinions. Like the original poster, there are many feeling gutted that the anti-establishment figure was sporting a Trump shirt. However, others have pointed out that in the current climate there may be nothing more "punk" that wearing one. See some of the responses below.

Rotten has not exactly been quiet about his support for Trump, but for some Sex Pistols fans, this is their first acknowledgment of his political support for the current president.

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