Squeals of joy could be heard around the world this morning as Twenty One Pilots dropped a brand new song and music video. Earlier this week on Twitter, vocalist Tyler Joseph told drummer Josh Dun that he was sending him some files, to which Josh replied that he received them and joked that he was going to show Tyler how to DM. And then on Wednesday (4/8), Tyler tweeted an image of a thumb drive with the words "Level Of Concern" on it, along with a promise to release a new song and music video today, 4/9. Here's how the song came to be, according to their label, Elektra Music Group:

The story of how this song came to be. Tyler’s mom inspired him to write a song for their fans in this unprecedented moment in all of our lives. He decided to write about the last time he felt this out of control. This virus has taken such a huge toll on everyone and as a new dad now in lockdown it makes him feel helpless. He chose to turn it into a love song about his wife. He compares this time of little control to that moment when he decided to commit to a life with Jenna and that uneasy feeling of realizing that when you make that kind of a commitment to someone else, you give up a good portion of control. It is no longer all about you, it is about us!

There is one other component to this song and one worth mentioning. The band has a goal to give a million dollars to Crew Nation, a charity that supports all of the out of work crew people that work behind the scenes every day to make the live show experience a special one for all of us. Proceeds from this song, other partners of the band and a special hoodie that will go up for sale next week will help fund this amazing donation. I truly believe with the bands reach, we can go way past a million dollars.

The entire touring industry is built upon the backs of hard working crews that make it possible for bands and artists to perform for their fans. As tours have shut down, we want to do what we can to get these men and women back on their feet.

Proceeds from the TØP Crew Nation hoodie will go to Crew Nation - Global Relief Fund For Live Music Crews. Crew members are the backbone of the live music industry, and we hope you’ll join us in supporting them through this temporary intermission until we can once again unite millions around the world through the power of live music.

Crew Nation is powered by Music Forward Foundation, a charitable 501c3 organization, that will be administering the fund.

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