You've gotten that godforsaken Lovesac song stuck in your head a time or two, right? It's stuck in my head right now and it's utter torture.

When TV commercials come on, your family, my family and every human does the same thing - we look down at our phones. So when these Lovesac commercials first started airing, last year I think it was, we'd always hear the horrid jingle, but would never look up to see that the ad was for a sofa. We always just assumed it was an ad for an exercise bike, or some weird website where they trick you into joining a cult. When we finally saw that it was the song for a sectional couch that you can take apart and move all over the house, we were baffled. What did this couch have to do with "positive vibes" and "we're gonna make it, we never back down" whipped up into motivational auto tuned lyrics? So weird.

Anyway, the gotdamn song is catchy as hell, but downright atrocious to hear, kind of like "Barbie Girl" by Aqua, and I sing it aloud all the time at home to get my teenager to give me the STFU face. One day, I was looking for the ad on YouTube so I could send it to him to annoy him at school (helpful Mom, I know) and I found that it's not just the Lovesac jingle, it's an ACTUAL SONG. It's by group called 'Forever Friends' and the name of the song is "Together." Of course it is.

The YouTube comments are mostly people who love the song and say they landed there because of the Lovesac commercial. Others say they hate the couch, love the song, or hate the song and love the couch. And then there was this lady, who I love with my whole heart. In reference to the woman drinking red wine on a white couch in the commercial, she says, "I'll just grind my ice cream cone into the sofa like a turd in a diaper while I'm at it Every time this ad plays and I hear that song, my peace of mind, ability to love, hopes & joy, are all squashed from me like a wine grape being stomped upon." Well said friend, well said.

Regardless of all of this, the Lovesac company accomplished their goal and got potential customers talking about their product. Whether it was by naming a couch after a scrotum, or by scoring the rights to the worst song ever, I applaud them on their marketing brilliance.

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