In 1992, grunge was starting to explode, proving to be one of the decade's most impactful scenes for rock music. With Nirvana and Pearl Jam closing out 1991 in a major way, grunge was taking over radio and a wealth of albums were set to help push the genre forward.

Thanks to the rich diversity of its ground zero in Seattle, Wash., the genre gave a platform to  to a variety of fresh voices and allowed the scene to be inclusive and confident, going against a lot of the staleness the late '80s brought about. 1992 as a year helped put a spotlight on many of its most memorable artists, including Stone Temple Pilots and Alice in Chains.

With this list, we took it back to 1992 and picked the 10 Best Grunge Records of the year that helped define the scene as a whole. Not every band would go on to be a huge cultural successes, but each album still holds an important place in the musical dialogue.

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