Tony Hawk and a friendly FedEx employee have joined forces via TikTok to provide a new skateboard for one young Hawk fan.

Delivery driver Mikail was on his daily route Monday (May 18) in Suwanee, Georgia, when a roughly 8-year-old kid got the package carrier's attention. As Mikail tells it, the child handed him an old, beat-up skateboard and asked that he deliver it to the professional skater.

"He says, 'Give this to Tony Hawk for me. Tell him it's from Cooper,'" the FedEx employee recounts. "And I just thought it was adorable. His mom comes outside and kinda winks, and was like, 'Yeah, make sure you get it to Tony Hawk.'"

Of course, Mikail didn't have Hawk's address, but he wasn't going to let that stop Cooper's cute request. As SB Nation pointed out, the FedEx driver relayed the story on the video-sharing social network in the hopes that it might come across the athlete's attention.

Devotees of Hawk are likely aware that the skater frequently exchanges pleasantries with fans on Twitter. But Hawk recently joined TikTok as well. Luckily, he caught Mikail's video and furnished a reply.

"I just wanna say thank you so much for the skateboard," Hawk tells Cooper in the filmed response. "It's on its way to my house already. And as a thank you gift, I'm gonna send you my skateboard — this one right here that I'm riding."

Talk about a happy ending for the young skater. It just goes to show the power of social media, not to mention the selfless attitudes of Hawk and that approachable FedEx driver.

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