Wow wow wow! He just won the Super Bowl, made history and chose Montana to spend his time relaxing. Tom Brady relaxes after the big game, in Big Sky Country.

Peter King of Monday Morning Quarterback published a story today about how NFL Quarterback Tom Brady is relaxing post Super Bowl. Well, he is relaxing here in Montana! Peter wrote that: "[Brady] went skiing Sunday on a pristine trail with fresh powder. (He asked that I not name the exact location for privacy’s sake.)"

Peter also talked about how the average cabin is a bit different then Tom's "cabin" ...more like mansion I would assume.

I am going to guess that he's at Big Sky, Montana, one of our great ski/resort areas in the state. Plus Peter had Tom's wife Giselle take a picture which you can see here and it is very snowy... definitely somewhere up high.

Brady didn't agree with Peter that it was his best Super Bowl, he is humble and focuses on the fact he made mistakes and he could have been better. A humble guy with a good head on his shoulders.

I forgot he was here last year with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner skiing! Right around this time too ...must be a yearly thing?

I may not like the Patriots but I respect Tom Brady

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