We're 9 months into the pandemic and Montana broke a record today for most COVID-19 cases in one day, and cases are spiking in 50 states. Meaning, we're not going to be able to get rid of our masks any time soon. By now you have a variety of masks hanging on your rearview mirror, in your middle console, and in winter coat pockets. So it's likely time to wash 'em, and to add a new one into your rotation. I get so many compliments on the beautifully hand made mask that I got at the start of the pandemic, and luckily for you, our LGBTQ community is still offering them for free.

Back in March when it was tough to find masks, a wonderful human by the name of Arielle created 200 rainbow masks, not knowing what the demand would be, and they were all spoken for pretty quickly, so she made a few hundred more. She, and the Western Montana Community Center, highly encourage donations to support The Center, The Montana Two Spirit Society and The Gay Health Task Force. These groups have come together to promote pride and safety with this gift to the community, so all donations will be split evenly to the three of them.

Keep your rural friends in mind, you know damn well your homies in, say, Deer Lodge, or Sun River, do not have access to any face masks this fabulous. Get one for yourself, your loved ones and your far away friends! What a nice gift to receive in the mail, right?

Here's where you can claim yours, and, if you want, make a donation. If you comment on their post, they DM you to find out where you'd like them delivered. Yes, they even deliver! When we ordered, they left ours 6 feet from the front door, so they are definitely playing it safe.

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