There are times when a coincidence is not even the right word to describe the most uncanny situations. Case in point, this TikToker's dad might just be the real-life Will Byers from Netflix's hit series, Stranger Things.

On Thursday (June 9), TikTok user Sydney, a.k.a. @sydcrispy, posted a video sharing old childhood photos of her father, presumably from the '80s.

"My dad was the real life Will Byers," she wrote in a text overlay over the video.

Indeed, Sydney's dad (as a kid, anyway) is the spitting image of Will, one of the main characters on the Netflix smash.

In the photos, Sydney's dad, who can be seen hanging out on a couch and playing in the snow, not only wears outfits similar to Will's wardrobe (peep the red vest), but even sports the same bowl cut hairstyle.

The clip ends with pictures of the Stranger Things character, who is played by Noah Schnapp.

Watch the video below:

The clip comparing the TikToker's dad and Will comes shortly after the show, which just released Vol. 1 of its fourth season, broke major viewing records for Netflix.

It is currently the most-watched season of English-language TV in a single week, with a whopping 335 million hours watched last week. Moreover, the series claimed the number 1 spot in 91 countries, which is a first for an English-language television series.

The latest season of Stranger Things is also the first television series to jump to the top three of Netflix’s most popular list with 621 million hours viewed in less than two weeks of its premiere.

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