The Nathaniel Rateliff & the Nightsweats show is coming up on Thursday, August 9th and it's been sold out for a while. People have been reaching out from all over the north west asking us to pull some strings to get them in. And then North West Denture Center called us.

The team there listens to Alt 101.5 at the office and thought they'd hook up a fellow listener with their extra pair of Nathaniel Rateliff tickets. Pretty great, right!?

Download the Alt 101.5 app, if you don't have it already, and simply wait for an alert telling you to call in to win. We won't be sending an alert at any obnoxious times, say, like 3 a.m., it will be during daytime hours. When you get that alert, the 1st caller through to the Alt studio at 541-1015 wins the tickets. EZPZ


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