We all have our favorite "watering holes." Whether it be your favorite place to meet friends, your favorite spot to grab a burger and a beer, or, your favorite place to watch the big game. For us here in Missoula, that bar is the Thomas Meagher Bar. Named after the "Irish General" and first Governor of Montana, General Thomas Meagher, this bar is not only a fun place to grab a drink and watch sports, but the food is great and so is the staff. Not to mention, "yours truly" calls a wild game of BINGO every Wednesday night. It is no wonder some may consider the "Mar Bar" to be one of the best in Montana. Barstool Sports seems to think that is true.

The Thomas Meagher Bar has been named Barstool Sport's "Top Bar in Montana."

Now that the title has been handed down on the state level, it is time to compete for national acclaim. The Thomas Meagher Bar will go head to head with other popular bars from around the country. Barstool Sports is doing their annual Best Bar Bracket where the most popular bars in each state try to collect enough votes from fans to claim the top spot.

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