This week, the Earth's companion showed its full face. The May Full Moon lit up the night sky and continues to brighten the late night hours as it wanes to a New Moon.
This month's moon is, of course, called by a unique name each month and they can be something different depending on where you are and what culture you belong to. We call this one the Flower Moon.

Here are some of the common names for full moons (and when they happen):
•January 31 – Wolf Moon
•March 31 – Worm Moon
•April 29 – Pink Moon
•May 29 – Flower Moon
•June 28 – Strawberry Moon
•July 27 – Buck Moon
•August 26 – Sturgeon Moon
•September 24 – Full Corn Moon
•October 24 – Hunter’s Moon
•November 23 – Beaver’s Moon
•December 22 – Cold Moon

Of course, I like "Harvest Moon" instead of "Full Corn" Moon in September. It sounds better in song lyrics. KLYQ Radio also suggests you take advantage of the dark skies here in the Bitterroot Valley and look up at the night sky. A quote I saw recently: "Night hides the world, but reveals the Universe."

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