With Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Yellowstone and all the drama that comes with it has been a huge hit with television viewers over the last few years. It was pretty exciting news a couple of months ago when they announced the upcoming season would be filming in Missoula and the Bitterroot Valley.

I was lucky enough to get to be an extra for a day as they filmed scenes for what I think will be the first episode of season 4 when the show returns next summer. It was a pretty cool experience and a fun way to make $188.08 after taxes. I have my fingers crossed that my face will somehow be visible in the background when the show finally airs.......but just my luck it'll just be a blurry blob and nobody will believe it's me. They're still looking for people to be background extras - follow the casting page on Facebook to stay updated with what roles the show is looking to fill.

Yellowstone has filmed at a couple of Missoula locations over the last few weeks including the courthouse and hospital. Just the other day they were shooting scenes on Brooks St., near Ruby's Cafe. There was a lot of buzz about the production trucks and tents that were visible as you drove past. I was scrolling through Twitter today and saw a picture that somebody posted that might have a few people cussing the fact that there wasn't a spoiler alert attached.

***It's probably not that big of a surprise - but it still seems to answer a question or two that was left unanswered.***


***If you want to live in a bubble and not know anything about what happened since the end of season 3 - you might want to stop reading here.***


***I don't want you blaming me for any spoilers when all I'm trying to do is show you a picture I saw online.***


***Last chance to turn back***


***Alright, I no longer take blame after this point.***


Well, there you go. If curiosity got the best of you and you looked at the picture when you didn't want to know anything about the upcoming season - sorry. But c'mon....you can't have Yellowstone without John Dutton and Rip. You knew they were going to make it.

It might not be the best quality picture but it's still pretty fun to see them filming in town. It's going to be fun to keep an eye out for Missoula landmarks on the upcoming season of the show. It just can't get here fast enough.

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