If you're not currently looking for places in Missoula, you may not know firsthand how rough the housing market is right now, but my guess is that you've heard stories. And if you HAVE been seeking out places to live, then you already know - it's intense out there.

My girlfriend and I recently applied to to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Missoula pretty close to where we currently live - we like where we are, but it's getting to a point where we could use a little more space. So we decided to check it out - we paid the application fee, filled everything out, notified our landlord that we were looking at another place... and then the place was gone two days later. We didn't even have a chance to tour the place before they had rented it out. (Oh, but they kept our $80 from the application fee, of course!)

So when I saw this tweet featuring a TikTok video demonstrating the housing market right now, I couldn't help but think how perfect this was.

Just dozens of people all going after the same properties, only for a guy from California to swoop right in and take it off the market? Yep, that sounds about right!

The guy who made the video goes by the name Johnson Files, and you can follow him on TikTok right here. Got any good horror stories about dealing with the housing market in Missoula?

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