We are all busy, juggling work, family, Griz games, etc. So when you need fast food, you need it fast. I eat fast food, I admit it. Probably more than I should, but it is fast and I need that most of the time, especially during the work week. When I need my food I need it fast so I can get back to work. I normally don't have the time for a leisurely lunch. With the University of Montana and high schools back in session, the competition for a quick lunch is now fierce. Some fast food establishments have employee shortages, and with everyone trying to eat the same time things may take longer than they have in the past and you are going to find lines that sometimes back all the way out into the street. If you try to go to lunch at noon and you are looking for a short line at a fast food restaurant, good luck. You can go to lunch later in the day after 1pm, your luck will improve but who wants to ruin their dinner eating that late in the day.


There is a "sweet spot" for finding short lines and you will thank me later. I can't believe I am going to give away my secret.

The Sweet Spot

If you go to lunch at 11:20am you are going to have your best chance at finding a short line at pretty much every fast food place in town. Hear me out. It is just long enough that the breakfast switch is over, if it is a place that serves breakfast. If you go right at 11am, they are just opening and the grills are going like they should and the fry oil isn't quite up to just the right temperature to make sure you get those sides quick. You are also not in competition with the High School students yet since they are still at school. So if you are like me and need your "fast food" fast  and don't want to wait in line 11:20am is the time to grab some your lunch. Good luck in your pursuit of a quick lunch. I will see you in line, if there is one!

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