One of my favorite voices in film that has emerged over the last decade is Greta Gerwig - she broke out in the mainstream a few years back with her solo directorial debut Lady Bird, and is currently experiencing similar success with her adaptation of Little Women. What many people might not realize though, is that she had been making incredibly strong independent work for years before that. And now The Roxy Theater in Missoula is going to highlight some of it.

They're launching a new series in February called Greta-tude, where they're screening a different Greta Gerwig movie ever Wednesday of the month. Here's what they've laid out so far:

February 5th - Frances Ha (Great movie!)

February 12th - Nights and Weekends (Haven't seen this one! Excited to watch it!)

February 19th - Mistress America (Great movie!)

February 26th - Lady Bird (Great movie!)

On top of all that, Little Women has been playing at The Roxy for the entire month of January, and will be finishing out its run with a special week of 35mm showings. That's a lot of Gerwig!

If you can only go to one, I'd recommend Mistress America, an incredible screwball comedy and one of my favorite films of the 2010s. But, all of these movies are worth checking out, and I know I'll be trying to see as many of them as possible. You can get tickets and info at the Roxy's website right here.

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