When my wife tells me she found something new on Pinterest, it could be really bad or really good. In the past she has found some cool things for example center pieces for our wedding years ago that were much cheaper than anything we could have purchased. But there have also been times where she got an idea and it ended up costing us way more money and time than it ever should have.

Savannah has also often gotten recipes off of Pinterest, and some of those are hit and miss as well. Most of them are pretty good, but to be honest I love eating most things. The website delish.com has just released the recipe that is searched for most by each state on Pinterest, and I was surprised by what came up for Montana. In Montana we search for scones the most.

While I love a delicious scone, I don't even know where to get a really good scone here in Missoula. I know that Jaker's calls their little rolls scones, but when I think of a scone I think of one from the fair with a little too much jam falling off the sides. If you have any suggestions for a really good scone please let me know where to find them.


    Sky High at the Big Sky Resort

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