Okay ladies, I think we can all agree that boob sweat is real and low key the worst! Haha Nothin' like having a massive wet sweat spot right in the middle of your chest on a hot summer day... womp womp!

Luckily for us, boob sweat could be a thing of the past all thanks to the Ta Ta Towel!!! This seriously looks like the best invention ever and I'm so surprised that no one in Missoula came up with this sooner! Because let's be honest, it's SO Missoula!

From the looks of the Ta Ta Towel, your breasts will comfortably rest in each pocket of the towel which offers both support and acts as a natural spreader. This creates easy access to the area that prior to the Ta Ta Towel was often unreachable! So sit back and enjoy the cool breeze running through there girl!

Honestly I don't know how we got so far in life without the Ta Ta Towel....

(*The Ta Ta Towel is NOT one of our sponsors, but we're still obsessed with it anyways!)

To find more info on Ta-Ta Towels click HERE!

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