The time has finally come for the most epic grass volleyball tournament Missoula has ever seen, The Mother Goose!

There are a few things that separate this tournament from others you might have previously witnessed.

  1. Instead of Gatorade and water coolers, The Mother Goose will have its very own Bud Light beer garden and cocktail cart!
  2. Most volleyball tournaments don't have a Bud Light kegerator up for grabs, but The Mother Goose isn't like most tournaments. So it DOES have a Bud Light kegerator up for grabs!!! #GoalsAF
  3. The Mother Goose has a $1,000 tournament bounty. So in other words, if you win the entire tournament, you get a check for $1,000!!!

To put it simply, The Mother Goose is gonna be a massive volleyball party that's goin' down Saturday, July 1st at The Pitch. There's gonna be a few awesome food and drink vendors there and ya better believe our #AdventureVanMissoula is gonna make an appearance! The tournament highly encourages spectators and drinking buddies, so stop by and hang out for a beer or two!

Games start @ 9am on Saturday, July 1st and will go to about 4pm!!!

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