To say I am shocked is an understatement, there is no way I would have guessed that Helena, Montana would be picked as The Most Dangerous City in Montana. The report was put together by and when I first clicked on the article I was sure it was going to be either Billings or Missoula. There was a possibility for a smaller town, but mostly due to population I would have said Billings.

They chose Helena, Montana as the Most Dangerous after looking at the City Violent Crime Rate, State Violent Crime Rate, City Poverty Rate, and City Unemployment Rate. It's alarming what was written about Helena, especially regarding rape.

Reported rape represents a relatively small share of violent crime nationwide. But in some areas its prevalence is a significant addition to the relatively high violent crime rate. In Helena, Montana, the 2016 rate for reported rapes was 167 incidents per 100,000 residents, the ninth highest in the country. On average, the U.S. cities with at least 52 reported rapes in 2017 had populations three times that of Helena.

As a citizen of Montana it is alarming to read these things. Although in years past Missoula has been named the most dangerous in Montana, so living in Western Montana is makes me feel slightly better that Missoula was not named the most dangerous this year.

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