You're shocked, right? As with most anything fun in 2020, there will be no Missoula Haunted House set up at the Fairgrounds. This is typically the area's largest Halloween event put on by local production company Roothead Studios, but they've made the decision to skip this year, and bring it back in 2021.

We also announced that there will also be no Missoula Maze on Clements Road this year. There IS some good news for you die hard maze fans though. If you want to brave a public activity and a truly frightening corn maze, The Field Of Screams in Victor is scheduled to open on October 9th. Owners state, "Covid got you scared? Not us! We are on schedule to open, Lysol in hand!"

You can find Field of Screams on Hwy 93, 4.5 miles south of Victor, it's about a 30 minute drive from Missoula, at mile marker 55. I personally haven't gone in recent years, but when I went about a decade ago, the corn maze was genuinely scary, with very tall corn stalks and frightening characters jumping out at you and even chasing you. They do have fun stuff for the little kids, too.

As for trick-or-treating, having strange little nose-pickers knocking on your door and shoving their hand in a bowl of community candy, your guess is as good as mine if all of that is still on or not. I have a feeling Missoula parents will be sending their kids out in costume, though.

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