How do you feel about our friendliness in Montana?  A website called Big Seven Travel asked readers to rank the states based on how friendly people are.  And just to answer your first question, no, we didn't finish in the top spot!

They did have some nice things to say about Montana though.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how warm and friendly the people of Montana are. The entire state is more like a small town, despite its size. You won’t be invited into someone’s home for tea, but they’re nice. There’s light-hearted banter between the various towns, with a positive attitude towards tourists and other visitors.

With such a glowing review you would think we would have placed a little higher than #36!  Yep, we finished in the lower half of the list.

The list claims Minnesota to be the friendliest state, followed by Tennessee and South Carolina.  And the rudest states are New York, Arkansas and Delaware.

Interested in any others on the list?  You can view it HERE!

And like Ron Burgandy telling San Diego to stay stay friendly, Montana!


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