Big congrats go out to Logan and Cain, they found this year's Blaze Easter Keg and won free beer for a year!

It was hidden near the new U of M Missoula College, west campus, on East Broadway. It was in some bushes near the sidewalk. Those clues make more sense now?

Cain is visiting from Alaska so he's leaving the drinking to Logan. When we put Cain on the air to announce he had found the keg, his first message to the world was "TAKE THAT ISIS!" And when the guys first arrived with the Easter Keg, Logan quickly informed us that he "broke her in," while making suggestive gestures toward the keg. Needless to say, they're a coupla fun dudes.

Logan says one thing he loves most is sharing with his friends, so he and his crew will be enjoying FREE BEER FOR A YEAR thanks to the good folks at Bayern Brewing!

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