"Vote, motherfucker, vote motherfucker vote!"


Tenacious D's "Rock the Vote" moment at the opening show of the tour last night (November 3) at the King's Theater in Brooklyn, N.Y., came in the form of Jack Black leading the audience in the above chant.

The D didn't specifically stump for any candidates, and they still include plenty of dick jokes in their political spoofs, but it's clear how they'd like you to vote. If you've heard their new album, Post-Apocalypto, you know that the villain is (spoiler alert!) Donald Trump, Jr., who in the album's narrative, is the future resident of the White House. He's protected by KKK soldiers; he's also the keeper of the Crystal of Gilgamesh, which is important (well, it's important to the story's plot). Jack Black made his opinion clear about Don Jr. in one of the animated segments that played in between the songs: "You're a piece of shit, and you can go fuck yourself."

The show's first segment sees the band (Black and Kyle Gass were accompanied by an electric guitarist, a bassist and a drummer) performing the new album from behind a see-through screen, which played abridged versions of the primitive but charmingly animated segments that the band posted to their official YouTube page; if you want a deeper understanding of the album's story, by all means, check them out.

After getting the new stuff out of the way, the screen came up, and they performed a set of their "greatest hits," including classics like "Kickapoo," "The Metal," "Dio" and "Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)," with guitarist John Konesky filling in for Dave Grohl, playing the devil for the performance.

How was the show? Well, your opinion on that depends on your opinion of Tenacious D. If you rolled your eyes when they "deactivated lasers with our dicks" in their immortal film The Pick of Destiny, this probably isn't for you. If that part of the film made you literally laugh out loud, you'll be howling through this show. While the new album doesn't quite compare to the band's classic self-titled debut, it still provided a great beginning to the concert. And, spoiler alert: the D saved the day (although to get the details you have to watch their full YouTube video series).

Have a look at our photos from Tenacious D's tour opener in Brooklyn below.


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