You have probably heard about the 'Tell Us Something' events at the Wilma, but do you actually know what happens at these gatherings?

At 'Tell Us Something,' Missoulians are invited to share a personal 10 minute story about something significant in their lives, or something significant to the community. These are regular, everyday Missoulians, who have something to say and it's really interesting, not only to learn more about your friends and neighbors, but to also hear real stories that relate to your own.

Since 2011 Tell Us Something has produced between 4 and 5 live storytelling events per year. Events generally are standing room only and feature between 8 and 10 storytellers sharing their true personal story from memory. Each event has a theme.

According to organizers, Tell Us Something is "a celebration of storytelling, of the Missoula community, and of each other. We drink, we laugh, we cry, and we do it with stories." The next event will be held on Tuesday, March 21st from 7 to 9:30 p.m. with the theme "Don't Look Back." Tickets are only 8 bucks and available at the Top Hat & Rockin' Rudy's.

Feel like you have a story worth sharing? Pitch your idea by emailing

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