This React episode from FBE is pretty unprecedented. How so? Because literally every teen featured in this episode ended up loving the band, which in this case, is Green Day.

In classic React fashion, the group of human guinea pigs were exposed to a large timeline of Green Day’s music, starting with “When I Come Around” from the band’s breakthrough Dookie album. After some positive praise for the track, they checked out another cut from before they were born, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” Once again, all the kids were familiar, with one girl reminiscing about singing the track during her fifth grade graduation.

Moving into the 21st century, the React video covered three songs from Green Day’s new millennium resurgence, American Idiot. “Usually I hate old music,” one teen said about 2004’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,” making us feel extremely old in the process. “But this band is just so good, it’s just so simple, there’s just something about them that works well.”

They ended the Green Day retrospective with 2009’s “21 Guns,” garnering more positive reactions from the teens. “I don’t consider them an old band until I see the ‘90s videos,” one girl said. “But if you just listen to their music, it’s still super relevant and they’re still killing it in 2017.”

Watch these teens react with overwhelming positivity to Green Day’s legendary career in the clip above.

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