Don't you just hate rainy Sundays? They're unequivocally the worst — except for when it comes to Foo Fighters, whose new song "Sunday Rain," which they debuted live yesterday (June 21) in Riga, Latvia, doesn't stand a chance at ruining anyone's day.

As the song breaks away from the more explosive opening moment, Foo Fighters take it down a notch, settling into a minimalist groove as drummer Taylor Hawkins assumes lead vocal. There's a sultry vibe through the early portion of "Sunday Rain," pouring on the emotion as layers build to a climax, dipping back down for a somber moment, only to spring back to life once more. Overall, the song conjures some '70s free jam vibes, which shouldn't come as much of a shock for a band who has covered Pink Floyd live in the past.

"Sunday Rain" was plucked from the back half of the band's forthcoming new album, Concrete and Gold, which will see a Sept. 15 release through Roswell Records / RCA. It's a far cry from the headlines Foo Fighters made last year when fans feared the band was going to split up with Dave Grohl pursuing a solo career. The band ran with the buzz, trolling fans and ultimately announcing a brief hiatus.

As the group began adding more concerts to their schedule, they surprised fans by dropping a music video for a new song "Run," which featured the band members in their elder state, and was directed by Dave Grohl. Since, the Foos also debuted "Lah Dee Da" live at the Secret Solstice festival in Iceland.

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