It has become a staple of just about every family's diet. Taco Tuesday is a weekly celebration for most family dinners. Tacos are quickly becoming one of America's favorite foods.

In recent talks about what I would like to have featured at my upcoming wedding reception. I argue that a taco bar would be the easiest way to feed a bunch of wedding guests. Maybe even class it up a little, and include a nacho cheese fountain? A man can dream?

That is the kind of dedication and love I have for those little pieces of joy we call a taco. And, with so many different varieties of tacos to choose from, it is hard to name your favorites. I for one am a fan of the traditional street tacos. Small amounts of beef, chicken or pork on a corn tortilla.

If you look really hard around different taco establishments in Montana, you can find Lengua Tacos (or beef tongue tacos.) Don't judge the main ingredient without giving it a taste. It is by far the best taco you can have. My second favorite choice for taco meat, would have to be pork. The pork is usually slow roasted, tender and braised in delicious spices.

If I could choose one place that does the pork taco the best, it would be Taqueria Montana, located in the Silver Slipper. They have amazing tacos and they are all done properly. Taqueria Montana recently earned the top spot as best taco in Montana, according to Mashed.

According to the Mashed YouTube Channel

We've compiled a list of the best tacos you can find in each and every state in the United States. Whether you prefer your tacos with seafood, pork, beef, or no meat at all, we’ve got you covered. Prepare yourself to travel to all the tacos that are calling your name.

See why Taqueria Montana claimed the title of "Hands Down Best Taco In Montana."

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