After much deliberation, we've decided to move ahead with a chance for you to win Guns n' Roses tickets. We thought it might be insensitive to have fun during such serious times, but then we remembered, you're not sensitive, and we all could use some fun right now. We wondered if it was douchey to give away tickets to a concert that could be cancelled due to COVID-19, but then we remembered that you understand all that,and it's worth a shot. On top of all that, you have SO...MUCH...TIME to look for your best photos right now, so let's do it!

Submit a photo of you and your child at a concert for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the August 26th Guns n' Roses show at Washington Grizzly Stadium! We'll choose our favorite and declare a winner on Friday, April 17th. When you upload your photo via the Blaze app, remember to include your name & phone number, and feel free to include what concert you're at and who is in the picture. It's that simple. And you'll have fun scrolling through your photos to find the best one. Think positive and be safe, Blazers! Huge thanks to Stockman Bank for hooking up the tickets.

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