Personnel from the Missoula Division of the Montana Highway Patrol are in Salt Lake City, Utah to provide support for wounded trooper Wade Palmer and his family.

Sergeant Sean Finley explains.

“Originally, there were two members of the command staff, myself and Captain Jim Kitchin came down to set up a foundation of support for Trooper Wade, his wife Lindsay and close family members,” said Finley. “Today, two other troopers who were on administrative leave that are friends with Trooper Palmer showed up on their own to show support for today and tomorrow. Then, we do have a meeting to schedule a logical for Montana troopers to come down, because we anticipate having on Montana trooper along side of Trooper Palmer the whole time he’s here.”

Finley said the treatment for Trooper Palmer is just beginning.

“He’s not out of the woods yet,” he said. “This is going to be a marathon roller coaster ride and we expect many ups and downs,” he said. “He’s receiving the finest care possible, but it’s hard to predict how long he’s going to be here.”

Finley said the entire command structure if the Highway Patrol is involved in Trooper Palmer’s care.

“Fortunately, the have a supporting command, starting with the Attorney General and Colonel Butler all the way down to us at the district level,” he said. “We’re here to make sure that all the needs are met for Trooper Palmer, his wife and kids. We’re here for moral and emotional support for anything that they may need. This is personal to us. This is someone who was just doing his job who put his life on the line.”

Finley said Palmer is no stranger to being a hero. He was recognized for saving lives, and that’s what he was doing the night of the shooting. He was looking for the bad guy and he found him and that’s when Trooper Palmer’s true colors came out. He’s a hero.”

Finley explained his close connection to Trooper Palmer.

“I’ve been with Wade Palmer since I pulled him out of the ambulance at the hospital and I’ll be with him through next week. I knew that our brother troopers would show support, show their colors and make sure that everyone is taken care of through the law enforcement brotherhood.”
Finley is Trooper Palmer’s immediate supervisor in the Montana Highway Patrol.

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