You've probably noticed that U of M students are returning in time for the August 30th start date for fall semester, and Missoula is looking quite welcoming! I saw the sweetest clip on KPAX news where they interviewed some of the homeowners in the University area. I was fully expecting grumpy people but they were all so excited for the return of students, saying they love seeing the kids walking to class with their backpacks and one couple talked about the "vibrancy" that students bring to not only their neighborhood, but to our city. I thought that was so Missoula of these University area residents.

You may have seen lots of flags and yard signs supporting Griz students, those are courtesy of volunteers who handed out more than 1,000 "Griz Kits" to get Missoula ready for back-to-school. So far, plans are to have in-person classes with masks being recommended, but not mandatory. We'll see how that changes over the next few months.

We're also excited for Griz Homecoming and the return of the game day parade! The parade is set for Saturday, September 25th at 10 a.m. Homecoming week begins on September 20th and concludes on Saturday, September 25th with the parade and Griz game against Cal Poly. If you've never experienced Missoula's Homecoming week it's an absolute eruption of Griz pride! Proud alumni, students, staff, faculty and community members all come together to celebrate their UM pride by participating in the Hello Walk, Homecoming Griz on Tap, Yell Night Pep Rally, and a whole lot of tailgating.

Parade registration is now open, apply to participate here. 

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