I will never understand theft or stealing of any kind. So, when I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw that the generator from the back of the Dobi's Teriyaki truck was stolen, I was angry. As a customer I knew that I would probably be a few days until I could get some of that delicious spicy teriyaki again, but also as a citizen of Missoula that more of this is seeming to happen.

As we all know there is no where in the world that is immune to theft, it happens unfortunately. Here was the exact post from the the Dobi Teriyaki facebook page.

I'm glad to report that the generator has been replaced thanks to a call to their insurance company and paying the deductible, but no one should have to deal with this less than 2 weeks away from Christmas.

The Police have been notified and are on the look out for the stolen generator. But this should really be a lesson for all of us to make sure that all of our belongings are locked up tight each night, you just never know.

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