The scarecrows are back! The Stevensville Scarecrow Festival 2022 will run October 7th and 8th. About a decade ago the Brian and Chris Show entered the Scarecrow Contest. It was an amazing entry, if I do say so myself. Our idea was to make a "Gene Simmons Scarecrow", the bass player from the rock band KISS. What better way to keep the crops safe than with the "Demon" as a scarecrow?  With the help of Chris' dad "The Pirate" we were able to get the perfect mannequin head. We had help from our co-worker Samantha, who was an artist, she painted the head to look exactly like Gene Simmons in his makeup.

The Demon


Credit: Jim Dyson/Stringer, Getty Images
Credit: Jim Dyson/Stringer, Getty Images

The Stolen Head

Brian had made a custom "Z100 Guitar" for the life size scarecrow and the "Amazing Mrs. Brian Lee" helped dress the "Gene Simmons Scarecrow", it was a team effort. We thought we had this contest in the bag. Well, we didn't, we lost the contest. The winning entry that year was from a local nursing facility of Peter Pan. After losing the contest Brian went to collect our entry and lo and behold, someone stole the head. It was a perfect Gene Simmons head and it was gone forever. No wonder we lost the contest, the judges just saw a body with a homemade guitar. We are guessing that somewhere in Montana, maybe in a garage, a basement, or a fraternity house, there is a Gene Simmons head that we would love to get back some day. We just hope it is in a loving home.


Festival Details

This year the festival is going to be adding in some new events and kids activities. Entries will be in 3 categories this year: Kids, businesses, and nonprofits/individuals/families. Friday night the viewing and voting begin as Stevensville also enjoys the downtown "First Friday" events. The kids will have a Carved Pumpkin Contest and children's games and a "Monster Mash Dance Party" in the parking lot behind Rocky Mountain Bank on East 3rd Street. Saturday night there is an adult Extreme Pumpkin Contest in the courtyard next to Trapper Peak Coffee. The voting and viewing is free and open to the public. The voting starts Friday afternoon and goes through Saturday until 9pm with the winners being announced on Sunday October 9th at 4pm. If you would like to be a part of the event and to see everything that is happening this head to The Stevensville Scarecrow Festival. Good luck to all the entries this year and make sure no one steals your head!

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