Snow storms won't let up in Browning, Heart Butte and East Glacier and some residents are housebound. Massive snow drifts have blocked roads making it impossible for people to get out for basic necessities and these towns are running out of food and water, causing Governor Bullock to declare a State of Emergency.

I was watching the KPAX news last night and they said that the United Methodist Church in Columbia Falls has become the drop off center and contact to help out these Northwest Montana residents. Some who are suffering through winter conditions without heat.

The church is delivering another truck load to effected areas on Friday, if you would like to donate, please bring groceries, diapers and baby formula to the United Methodist Church in Columbia Falls. According to KPAX, they are also in need of snow shovels.

For more information, you can contact the church at (406) 892-5811. For those who can't get to Columbia Falls, the Yellowstone Conference is collecting funds through their website, just be sure to indicate in the field near the bottom that you are donating to "Browning Disaster."

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