We have teamed up with The Sweat Shop Studio to plan a safe and socially distanced Spinathon for this August, and it's easy to join us! Considering we're in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, we considered not doing it at all, but we were able to raise more than $21,000 for Youth Homes last year, and we really don't want to let these kids down. Especially since we had and absolute blast in our inaugural year, spinning for 12 hours non-stop!

Date: Saturday, August 22, 2020 

Rides: every hour from 6 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Location: TBD

Proceeds: Shirley Miller Attention Home 

The Shirley Miller Attention home, or 'A-Home,' provides a safe place for youth who need somewhere to go immediately, due to abuse, neglect and/or crisis. The home can hold up to 8 kids at a time, and is the oldest of all of Missoula's Youth Homes.

What you need:

    • Fun Team Name & Logo (if you have a biz logo or something you want to use)
    • 9 riders total
    • One hour of your time on August 22nd
    • Each rider must raise a minimum of $100

​Each rider will have a personal link to share on their social media, and with friends and family, making it super easy to donate. Individuals and teams who raise the most donations will score some great prizes, including a Cruiser Bike from Missoula Bike Source, and a team Thirst Gear ride. EVERY penny goes to Youth Homes!

If you've never taken a spin class before, you can still participate at any level you feel comfortable, our instructors won't push you harder than your body will allow. Honestly, it's just going to be a really fun time, outdoors, with some exercise, great food & drinks and a bunch of rowdy cyclers! If you have any questions at all, or if you're ready to join a team without having to start your own, hit me up, angel@alternativemissoula.com

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