This is very cool for Missoula! According to a press release, Southgate Mall has recently been named the best shopping mall in the entirety of Montana, as recognized by Insider Travel. The mall is the largest shopping center in western Montana and the premier shopping destination in Missoula.

Here's what Tim Winger, general manager of the Southgate Mall, had to say about the honor: “We are honored to be recognized by INSIDER as the best shopping destination in Montana. Southgate Mall serves as a center of our community, bringing people together in ways only physical places can provide. We are proud to offer a gathering place where guests can share experiences, interact with products and services that fit their lifestyles, and spend time together.”

As someone who just moved to Montana from New York and wasn't sure what to expect when I first got here, I was really impressed by the Southgate Mall when I first saw it. The place is huge and feels like a real hub for Missoula. So congrats to everyone at the Southgate Mall!


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