Did you know that more than 1 billion pounds of pumpkins a year end up in landfills after Halloween?

Soil Cycle is a nonprofit composting group that is looking to educe the number of pumpkins that get dumped locally. They collected over 2,000 pounds of pumpkins from Missoula last year and hope to see that number increase this year. They spent the weekend around town on the hunt for pumpkins they could collect, and saving time and effort for those that would otherwise be looking to dump them.

The pumpkins collected, which are high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C, were taken to Turner Farms where they'll become snacks for animals.

And it's not just pumpkins you can give to Soil Cyle. If your yard is blanketed in leaves and you've been thinking about what you'll do with them after you rake them up.......this might be your answer.

I wish I knew about Soil Cycle a couple weeks ago when I had 8 giant garbage of leaves bags that I needed to get rid of.

Learn more about what Soil Cycle does by visiting their Facebook page HERE.

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