There is perhaps no greater predictor of future success for a Saturday Night Live cast member than to be an anchor on "Weekend Update."

Over the course of its history, the satirical news portion of the show, usually airing shortly after midnight, has put a spotlight on the talents of such names as Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey. Below, you'll read about all 24 men and women who have hosted "Weekend Update," and what they've done since leaving SNL.

Chase, who set the tone for "Weekend Update" from its debut episode, left the show a few weeks into Season 2, and Jane Curtin found herself behind the desk. The third season found her paired with Dan Aykroyd, with Murray taking over a year later. But in May 1980, SNL creator Lorne Michaels and the entire cast departed, and "Weekend Update" -- as with every aspect of the show -- went through some growing pains.

New producer Jean Doumanian didn't even last a season before being dismissed. One of her last acts in charge was to change the name to "Saturday Night Newsline" and break it up into three parts over the course of the show. Dick Ebersol continued to tinker with it, trying different anchor pairings, changing its name to "SNL Newsbreak" and "Saturday Night News," and even going almost the entire calendar year 1984 without a permanent anchor before Christopher Guest hosted for the remainder of Season 10.

Michaels returned in 1985 and installed Dennis Miller in the anchor's chair. Since then, there's been no small degree of stability, with less turnover -- the current team of Colin Jost and Michael Che has been in place since 2014. Of course, not every "Weekend Update" anchor has had the post-SNL success of Guest, Amy Poehler or Seth Meyers. But the list of "Weekend Update" anchors does include performers who have won Emmy and Tony Awards, and even an Oscar nomination. Check it all out below.


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