We’ll find out this weekend whether Alec Baldwin’s SNL work nets him a yuge Emmy win, but the uncanny Trump impression will nonetheless remain front and center when Season 43 premieres. Baldwin confirms he’ll be back as early as September 30, and likely beyond.

The former 30 Rock star and ranking SNL host confirmed to Ellen (via EW) that his Trump impression would return with the September 30 premiere, as hosted by Ryan Gosling. Baldwin dropped the tidbit in promotion of his co-authored Trump parody memoir You Cant Spell America Without Me, noting of future appearances “I’m going to do a couple of them. We’re going to do it until … okay, nevermind.” Cough, rhymes with “skimbeachment.”

Baldwin had earlier in the summer claimed he’d return to SNL; a far cry from the immediate post-election days, in which the actor acknowledged he hadn’t necessarily expected to portray the character for so long. The seventeen-strong host briefly warmed up the impression for last month’s Weekend Update: Summer Edition as well.

We don’t yet know who to expect in SNL Season 43 beyond Gosling and musical guest Jay-Z, but stay tuned for the latest on our September 30 premiere and beyond.

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