From Hamilton, you drive up Montana 38 toward Philipsburg on Montana 38, noticing the steep hillside right next to you and, as is often the case on our forest roads - no guardrail. But, no problem, as the narrow road changes back and forth from gravel to paved surface as you go along. Just watch out for oncoming traffic.

Then, as you approach the top of the pass, around the corner there it is - Skalkaho Falls.

When they built the road (back in the 1920s?), the engineers managed to preserve a great little cascade that is always a welcome sight.

You get out of your car and walk to the edge of the road and feel the spray on your face.

In the winter, the road is closed to autos, but open to snowmobiles and skiers.

The 150-foot tall waterfall at about 6,000 feet up in the mountains is always a welcome sight.

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