Sid & Nancy, the 1986 movie about the tragic, drug-induced relationship between Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, is set for a Criterion Collection Blu-ray/two-DVD release. It will be available on Aug. 22.

Over on Criterion’s website, you can read about what they have in store in the way of bonus features. They’ve included two audio commentaries, a documentary on the making of the film, the famous interview with Bill Grundy where the Sex Pistols swore on live television, rare interviews with Vicious and Spungen and more. The Blu-ray has a new 4K digital restoration and a 5.1 surround soundtrack.

Directed and co-written by Alex Cox, Sid & Nancy launched the careers of Gary Oldman and Chloe Webb in the titular roles, and features a young Courtney Love in a minor part. It begins with Vicious’ arrest for the 1978 murder of Spungen and then goes back in time to tell the story of how they met in London and moved to New York after the band broke up. Joe Strummer of the Clash wrote much of the music, and the Circle Jerks, Iggy Pop and Nico can be seen in the movie.

In an essay included with the video, author Jon Savage calls Sid & Nancy “an encapsulation of the joyous chaos that British Punk let loose; a disquisition on how black humour turns into black self-destruction; a love story in the oldest sense— as archetypal and star-crossed as Romeo and Juliet. …[Cox] has enough respect for his characters to treat their mutual delusion with love and sympathy, and to chart the rejection that has brought them to this.”

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