The last few days in America have been a wake-up call for the nation. The protests that ensued in the wake of George Floyd's death and the violence that followed have shone a spotlight - once again - on the systematic inequality that exists in the American criminal system, and how desperately it needs to change.

On a local level, the University of Montana's Black Student Union held a protest outside of the Missoula Courthouse which began on Friday. If you're looking for more ways to show your support, here's an event that you can go to on Friday evening - it's Showing Up For Racial Justice, a bike caravan that will ride from the Southside of Dornblaser Track to the courthouse, which will meet up with the protesters. This will be happening from 5 PM to 7 PM, and it's an opportunity for white allies to show up and support black communities.

Here's the info for the event, taken from their Facebook event page:

WHAT: Bicycle caravan, convening in a rally.

WHERE: The bicycle caravan will originate in the parking lot on the Southside of Dornblaser Track. We will ride north on Higgins Ave. until we round the curve near the red XXXs and make our way to the Courthouse at 200 W Broadway.

WHEN: Friday, June 5th from 5-7pm MDT

WHY: George Floyd’s, Breonna Taylor’s and Ahmaud Arbery's murders were not isolated incidents. They were symptoms of systemic racism that allows a culture of corruption to go unchecked and continue to take lives. It's time for white people to show up!

IMPORTANT: Out of respect for fellow protesters and in solidarity with black and brown communities who are disproportionately effected by COVID-19, please wear a face mask or covering and maintain proper #socialdistance.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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